Pre Reception Programme

CrayonsAt Windsor our learners are always treated as an individual. We believe that if a child is happy and encouraged to develop their skills, they will naturally flourish within their environment. In Windsor’s Pre Reception class ‘play’ will be the natural vehicle in creating this organic learning environment. We will be using play to build on each child’s early experiences with special emphasis being placed on feeling happy, valued, and comfortable in their learning environment. Each child will be encouraged to think, create, and talk as well as explore, experiment, question, problem solve, and carry out activities successfully through to the end. In this way children will be inspired to become independent learners – building self-esteem and confidence. Activities will be shepherded by entrusted practitioners who will guide each child to develop their ideas, encouraging them to extend their vocabulary and develop communication skills in a safe and nurturing environment. Large group activities such as singing, music and movement, games and action songs, will all help to build their confidence and communication skills.


Reception Programme

Reception ClassroomWindsor Preparatory School offers a developmentally appropriate Reception Programme that facilitates growth in cognition, language development, social and emotional learning, as well as the core and co-academics including Math, Literacy, Science, Social Studies, Physical Education and Fine Arts. Our Reception Programme provides the opportunity for growth and development in a caring, hands-on, interactive environment where each learner feels loved, valued, and respected. Most importantly, our Reception Programme sets the stage for a lifelong devotion to a love of learning.