I wish you a very warm welcome to Windsor Preparatory School, a school with a unique atmosphere and sense of community. Built on the solid foundations of the Cambridge International curriculum, we believe passionately in developing confident, responsible, reflective, innovative, and engaged learners. Nestled in a quiet corner of Old Fort, Nassau, Windsor Preparatory School provides a forward-looking and ambitious curriculum with a warm welcome unlike any other.

Nurturing enquiring minds is at the heart of learning at Windsor Preparatory School. Our classes are small and attention is individual. Every pupil is encouraged to explore their individual talents and skills, and helped to develop their own particular strengths. Here, learning does not stop at the door of the classroom and we believe strongly in the benefits of participation across a wide range of activities.

I vehemently believe that education is more than the recall of facts; it is holistic and must develop the whole person. An effective education for our children will look different from the one you or I experienced, and at Windsor Preparatory School we strive to make our children ‘future proof’. Academic rigour remains essential, but in our ever-changing world, greater emphasis is, and will be, placed upon the use of information. We recognise the growing importance of developing ‘soft skills’ such as creativity, problem solving, communication, team working, understanding of different cultures, and global connectivity.

Education takes time. Our learners are able to enjoy everything education provides, from the innovation studio to the art room and sports fields. Yes, education must keep adapting to meet the needs of our increasing fast-paced modern world, but at Windsor Preparatory School we pride ourselves on giving children the time they need to think, explore, grow and achieve.

At Windsor Preparatory School, all of this happens in the beauty of The Bahamas, where you’ll find modern facilities and an extraordinarily happy, welcoming community. The Faculty, learners and community are all on first-name terms; it is the perfect environment to bring out the best in every child.

Our hope for every Windsor learner is to arm them with the qualifications to stand out, the character to endear, and the core values to succeed.

Mr Richard Murray
Head of School