Lisa McCartneyIt gives me great pleasure to present an innovative concept in educational excellence. As you look through our site you will find pertinent information about this new school, its state of the art facility, and its dynamic and accredited curriculum. The culmination of 22 years of active participation in the field of education, Windsor Preparatory School redefines the local educational experience of Pre Reception through Secondary School programming.

In September 2014 we unveiled a new dimension of academic opportunity for learners. Windsor Preparatory School will set the stage for the perfect environment to transform them into confident, well-rounded, outstanding citizens.

Every learning institution has a profound role to play that goes beyond educating its learners. At Windsor Preparatory School we embrace our responsibility as educators, and the vital role we play in the development of global citizens. We value the individuality of each learner, helping them realise their innate potential. This will be professed in the education we impart, and the activities we undertake.

Character and values are at the epicenter of the programming at Windsor Preparatory School. It is my belief that strong core values help a child to maintain social and emotional balance. This balance translates to the ability to problem solve, relate well to others and to confidently navigate life’s challenges. We believe in openness of mind, dignity of conduct, and mutual respect towards social, economic, cultural, religious, and linguistic diversity.

The school places special emphasis on social and environmental responsibility, which fosters socially aware, responsible, and empathetic citizens. We offer a unique, nurturing environment in which learners experience the freedom to celebrate and enjoy the beauty of youth. Our facility affords our learners the opportunity to grow and develop in a stimulating and challenging environment.

Our curriculum and activities have been carefully developed to underscore the importance of excellence and to personify our school’s mantra, “Inspiring Outstanding Citizens”.

I thank you for your interest in Windsor Preparatory School and it would be our honour to have you join the Windsor family.

To inspire a child is to give hope to the future.

Lisa N. Sawyer-McCartney