Windsor Preparatory School sees its graduates as confident, engaged, reflective, innovative, and responsible global citizens.


Windsor Preparatory School recognises the ever-evolving demands required to succeed in the contemporary world. Our goal is to provide our learners with a well-rounded, high quality, global education characterised by high expectations and excellence in character.

Windsor Prep

School Objectives

  • Provide all learners with a safe, engaging, and emotionally supportive educational environment.
  • Foster initiative, creativity, and problem solving, through stimulating and challenging coursework.
  • Support our learners based on their individual needs.
  • Ensure that our entire student body has access to all resources needed to experience success.
  • Create practical, real-world connections and facilitate international perspectives.
  • Foster family involvement and community ownership.
  • Employ the highest caliber instructors, whose passion is to teach and uncover the crowning potential of every learner.
  • Create a strong, shared system of leadership.
  • Model compelling communication and desirable character attributes.
  • Use appropriate evaluation strategies, such as formative and summative assessments to promote academic progress.

Learning Principles

  • Learners thrive in a secure, orderly, and non-disruptive environment.
  • Learners have the right to a quality education delivered in a safe, enriching, creative, and productive environment.
  • Learners develop a positive sense of self-worth and realize their greatest potential when they are aware of and are dedicated to the social and academic expectations being placed upon them.
  • Learners must understand and accept that they are responsible for their behaviour and decisions.
  • Learners are more successful when their mistakes are approached as learning opportunities and their efforts are positively recognised.
  • Parents/guardians must share the responsibility for teaching children appropriate, acceptable behaviour with the school. By cooperative partnering we can ensure positive learner conduct.